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We help you create the trademark which identifies your company in a unique, simple and also long-lasting manner.

Corporate Brandingis the process of creating a business brand. Designers and communication professionals work on the creation of strategies aimed at detecting the values ​​linked to a commercial name and its logo. It is important that a logo develops well in digital formats. We work on pixel perfect grids that allow the maximum optimization of the shapes. A logo must be reduced to any size and recognizable.

UX/UI Design

User Experience is the discipline applied to the design of information flows, whether for web pages, mobile applications or interfaces of all kinds, where the user has absolute priority since without him there is no such experience. UX Design refers to how a person feels while using a digital product or service. On the other hand, UI Design(User Interface), consists on guiding the consumer through a web page or application during the time in which it is used.

We develop websites of responsive content and esthetic excellence which offer the user a wonderful experience.

Social Networks

Every communication piece of a company belongs to a single Visual Identity System. Each element is coherent with such system, thus allowing the viewer to identify a trademark quite effortlessly. The basic communication guidelines of a trademark must be respected; they are created at the time of the logotype design and remain as the grounds for such communication.

We warranty personalized assistance for strategy development in social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Graphic Design

Our watchword: "Less is More" (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe). Simple designs to communicate complex ideas.

An essential part in the process of creating trademark identity is the design of all the graphic pieces which form a communication system. Coherence must prevail even when printing in different supports. We work in the design and production of personal cards, institutional folders, envelopes, invoices, labels and leaflets in general (bi- and tri-folding, flyers and product datasheets, among others).


WordPress uses open-source software which enables great flexibility in the development of high impact websites at affordable costs. At the same time, it is search-engine-friendly and very easy to use, and it can be administered by users themselves. At Estudio Lovaglio we provide free advice on this tool, and diagnostics which will help you decide if it is the proper one for the website of your company or product.

We are experts in this platform. We develop your website in a professional and quick manner at affordable costs.

Digital Marketing

Does your company need to increase sales? Advertise and position your business through Digital Marketing tools.

We are specialists in integrating companies into the online channels (SEO, SEM, E-mail, Social Media). After assessing the specific situation of your company, we help you find the best solution according to your budget and growing objectives. We work together in the development of a comprehensive strategy to attract new clients and to increase your company’s sales.

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