Estudio Lovaglio

Estudio Lovaglio

Coaching & Corporate

Verónica Lovaglio Diseñadora Gráfica (UBA)

Verónica Lovaglio  |  CV LinkedIn

Coach in Corporate Design  |  Branding for Companies   |  Digital Marketing

Graphic Designer - UBA  |  Digital Marketing Analyst - Digital House

Web Developer - Image Campus  |  UX/UI Designer - Domestika - Crehana

Photographer - Fotoclub Buenos Aires.

Meet Us

We are a Graphic Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing firm with our principal place of business in Belgrano, in the City of Buenos Aires. We have more than 20 years of experience in the creative process, and such process goes all the way from the development of the idea up to the final production of each piece. We provide customized assistance throughout the creative process by advising our clients based on a full trust relationship.


We believe in the originality of a tailor-made design for each of our clients and their specific needs. We understand that the basis of communication lies on simplicity and, at the same time, on elegance and harmony.


We are convinced that the best result is obtained through a succession of small decisions made based on the people behind each trademark. Therefore, our main purpose is to inspire, entertain and educate, and we always prioritize the customized and authentic relationship with our clients.

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