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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


What is SEO?

Positioning in browsers (Google) is a branch of Digital Marketing focused on optimizing the visibility of a website in the organic results, i.e. not paid, of the search engines. It is usual to name it after its acronym: SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The organic channel is the one getting the greatest profitability because it appeals to traffic highly prone to making a transaction.


SEO deals mainly with the technical aspects of a website such as structure, programming code and loading time. It also works on the contents which must always be updated to make them relevant for the user. There are two main factors on which a search engine bases to position a web: Authority (popularity) and relevance (relation of a website as regards a specific search).


Google runs the web tracking and gathering information of sites which are later on added to an index and which are ordered according to their content, authority and relevance. When a user runs a search, the engine accesses the index and shows the results which best relate to such consultation.

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