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E-mail Marketing


Within what is known as Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing is used to deliver e-mails to a data base or contacts base. The key to properly use such powerful tool is based on the concept of hypertargeting which consists in sending the right message to the right person (also known as Customer Persona) at the right time.


There are many tools which allow us to make deliveries to our e-mail list or database (MailChimp, Doppler, emBlue, EnvialoSimple). At the same time, they let us segment our base, obtain reports, customize the matters and the content. Reports indicate (among other things) how many people and who opened the e-mails, clicked elements inside the e-mails (where specifically), from which geographic location they did so, and even from which device.

Costs of E-mail Marketing

If we consider that it is a direct, ultra-customized communication channel that makes it possible to schedule contents, the cost is relatively low, so it becomes the favorite tool of large and small companies.

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